The Annual Forgotten Mom High Tea

A beautiful memory popped up on my Facebook feed off this heartening event that happened last year. The Annual Forgotten Mom High Tea hosted by Usizo Foundation. A foundation established by Vino Govender. I am blessed to be apart of this event from the very beginning.

The first year was during my reign as Miss India SA KZN 2016, the second year I got to share the stage with my dance partner Brandon Rohan and entertain the Mum’s and last year I got to MC by spread love and laughter among the beautiful mothers.

Vino Govender feels Mother’s Day is a time all mother’s should be celebrated and when she saw how mother’s at old age homes were alone and not showered with love , this broke her down emotionally especially due to losing her mother. She felt she can make a difference and instead of losing the love from her mom she could gain the love from many mothers therefore starting the annual high tea.

What makes this event special is that she selected mums who are truly forgotten and mothers who live on streets whereby the do not know what is feels like to be loved , taken care off or shown appreciation , its the small things we take for granted but they truly value every moment of it. Sitting at the event for a few hours having their nails done, a scrumptious meal and being entertained as well as sitting next to other mums who are going through the same struggle and eventually they create a support system for each other.

Dedicating this event to the memory of her mother and due to the COVID- 19 this year unfortunately this event could not take place , if there is any way you would like to get involved in the many years to come be sure to get in touch with Vino Govender by visiting her website

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