Ruan Blogging Party

Lifestyle Blogger & Vlogger Ruan Scheepers keeps his finger on the pulse of the latest happening in and around South Africa if not internationally.

Thirty-five-year-old Ruan Scheepers’s face and voice are difficult to miss in and around the City of Durban. With his own YouTube Channel “Ruan Scheepers” he also runs his very own lifestyle blog covering interviews in the form of food, fashion, travel, fitness and lifestyle. With his upbeat personality and infectious smile, Ruan – who entered the media industry in 2016 – is fast becoming one of South Africa’s most-loved and switched on media personalities.

Being on point when it comes to his vlogs Ruan loves the perfect opportunity to unleash his creativity by engaging with a myriad of personalities across various industries; always staying on point when it comes to topics of conversation that are sparking interest among his followers.

Ruan first became interested in the South African media lifestyle in his early twenties. Having received the opportunity in 2016 to take blogging and vlogging to whole new level, Ruan was determined to make every success of this new venture. The rest, as they say, is history.

I had the opportunity to celebrate the first year anniversary of this exceptional Vlogger and Blogger.

Be sure to check out the highlights of the night.

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