Hole In The Wall

Residing in Ballito for a year, I decided to explore our current hometown. My boyfriend suggested we visit the much talked about “Hole in the Wall.”

The “Hole in the Wall” is located at Thompson’s Bay – a true hidden gem of the KZN North Coast. As you drive through the main road the entrance is not visible to the eye and is very secluded. There was on road parking as well as R10 for the day parking available.

The 5 minute walk from your car to the beach builds the anticipation, the view gets more scenic. You pass a few local stalls selling local crafts on your left and as you turn right you get to view a little piece of heaven is tucked away in the heart of Ballito – The “Hole in the Wall.”

As you walk towards the Hole in the Wall you pass the beautiful beach clean and family friendly. Thompson’s bay beach was clean and maintained well. Even the lifeguards were on point and alert despite it being a mediocre Monday. We passed the bathrooms which to my surprise were exceptional clean and WORKING! There was toilet paper and hand soap in ablutions. The shower area was most certainly upgraded.

Stepping out of the bathroom area we entered a large 50m tidal pool where u can snorkel safely. We also saw a lion fish there, brown and white branching corals and lots of sea urchins around the edges. It was so beautiful to see a place so full of sea life.

We then approached the “Hole in the Wall” – this area is any blogger or instagrammers dream with the amount of beautiful captures you can gain. If you are not a nature person prepare yourself for a wet experience and dress appropriately while exploring the walk way it can get a bit slippery.

Once we passed over the walk way we decided to explore more and ended up hiking to one of the most amazing mountains where you can watch the ocean. Def a romantic spot for any date hike.

I can’t wait to head back and snorkel at the tidal pool

Hope you enjoy the small vlog I created to capture my experience

Let me know in the comments below your experience 🙂