A Day at Tammy Taylor Umhlanga

Meetings, Events, Work, Dancing when is there time to sit down and do my nails and even when you do make the time by the next day your nail polish is either peeling or cracking.

So through a mutual friend I was introduced to Tammy Taylor Umhlanga – I knew the brand was largely recognized overseas but I did not understand what made them stand out until I got my very first set of Sculptured Acrylic set done.

Ladies, I was in cloud nine!!!

With my new set I grew an exuberant amount of confidence and could not stop looking at my hand for the entire week.

Despite the emotional boost of confidence, Tammy Taylor style and technique And practically of their products was something that caught my eye.

Sculpted Nails – So in simple English, The shape that you desire is built around your nails so no tips at all.

I find this relieving as when I should get tips done my nails should always grow out very weak and was always damaged, With the Tammy Taylor range my nails now grow out strong and with no bends.

Technique- every nail file is used once and disposed there after but having said that Tammy Taylor has a 12 step filing system to get that perfect shape. The cherry on the top are after 4 weeks my nails do not lift at all and my set last me 6 weeks (a month and two weeks).

Every visit I get to enjoy a cuppa while I have Lee or Lerisha jazz my nails up. So like I said with my busy lifestyle the one thing I don’t have to worry about are my nails, Thanks to Tammy Taylor Umhlanga.